Fleece Spinning Classes

Jilly, who spins our alpaca fleece, is offering classes to our guests:-

Learn basic handspinning, carding, knitting etc.
A few simple lessons could launch you into a world of creative joy which involves very little expense to get started. It could be the journey of a lifetime, it could be just a few hours fun.

I have 25 years experience in spinning, knitting and designing garments to share with you.
If you would like to spend a little or a lot of time I will be running morning sessions, one to one or very small groups. From £15.00 per hour, you will know in a short time whether it is for you or not.
If you are on holiday in the area what better way to gain a lot on a day when the beach is not appropriate.
Advance booking advisable but on the day is possible in off season.
Call 01308 420431 or mob: 07854810196