Pool, Spa & Sauna

Pool, Spa & Sauna

The Pool

The Pool/Spa complex is for the exclusive use of Berehayes guests and is open from 7 am to 8 pm. 

Free private sessions!  – You can now have the indoor pool complex all to yourselves. 1 or 2 free (1 hour) private sessions are bookable in the pool complex each (full) day. To be fair to other guests bookings can only be made the evening before you arrive for the following day and then at 8pm each evening.  Plus there open sessions for all to use from 7am-9am and 7pm-8pm. Please don’t worry about not getting a private slot each day, 1 slot is guaranteed per full day, often guests manage to book more.

We now use bromine to sanitize our pool water, which together with an ultra violet light unit, kills viruses.

Swimming and playing games is a pleasure in the 32ft (10 m) indoor pool which is heated to 27 degrees as most indoor pools (not 32 as for a toddler pool).

The pool is a regulated 4ft deep (1.2m) so children can play safely (under adult supervision) without the need for a lifeguard.

The pool water is cleansed using ultra violet light which is an environmentally friendly method that kills bacteria and viruses which reduces the need of sanitation chemicals by 75%. For your safety the pH & sanitation levels of the pool and jacuzzi are checked and recorded 3 times a day. Bromine is used to control sanitation levels which will kill viruses but not bleach out your swimsuits or have a strong smell as would chlorine. An eco-friendly air source heat pump has been installed which reduces running costs.

Relax on the poolside loungers while the children play in the pool.

Please note the pool complex is not open this Christmas/ New Year.

As a rule, if the cottages are shown as available and bookable, the pool is open!

Click to View Pool and Sauna Virtual Tour
Click to View Pool and Spa Virtual Tour



The Jacuzzi

A relaxing pool with water jets and forced air bubbles that will massage your whole body (adults only). Bromine is again used to control sanitation. Its not hot like a Hot Tub so all family members can get in.

The Sauna

The word sauna is an ancient Finnish word referring to the traditional Finnish bath. The dry heat of around 80 °C will make you naturally perspire slowly and drive out the impurities in your skin, leaving you feeling invigorated. (adults only). 

Sauna Room